Pass Your Road Test

The NJ DMV motor­cy­cle road test is divided into four parts. 

Road Test Breakdown

You will be tested on basic rid­ing skills which include bal­anc­ing, tight turns, weav­ing through obsta­cles, and con­trolled brak­ing. The test can seem like a con­fus­ing and daunt­ing task when you first arrive at the DMV with your own motor­cy­cle given the tight spac­ing of the obsta­cles. How­ever, with the proper tools and an easy to maneu­ver motor­cy­cle such as a scooter, the test is rel­a­tively easy to pass.

Test 1
Sharp Turn & Con­trolled Stop

Start from stop. Once the instruc­tor gives you the sig­nal you pro­ceed to ride at any speed you feel com­fort­able in. You will maneu­ver the motor­cy­cle through a sharp left turn with­out touch­ing the bound­ary lines. Fol­low­ing another left turn you will meet a straight­away and be expected to come to a smooth, slow stop with your front tire in the box. Skid­ding is not allowed for this test and can count against you.

Test 2
Cone Weave & U-​Turn

Start from a stop. Once the instruc­tor gives you the sig­nal, you will be expected to maneu­ver through a series of five cones in stag­gered posi­tion about eight feet apart from each other. The key is to keep a steady speed and avoid a choppy throt­tle. A steady speed will make it eas­ier to pre­dict and maneu­ver through your next cone. After com­plet­ing the slalom, you will be expected to make a tight right u-​turn within set bound­aries. Keep in mind that if tak­ing the test on a bike that is smaller than 500cc’s, you will have a smaller box to maneu­ver in.

Test 3
Emer­gency or Quick Stop

Start from a stop. Once instruc­tor gives you the sig­nal, you take off going between 12 – 20 mph. At the first arrow, there will be two cones on either side where you will let go of the gas and begin brak­ing quickly. The goal here is to be able to come to a quick, smooth stop within the out­lined cir­cle with­out los­ing con­trol of the motor­cy­cle. Skid­ding is allowed in this test and does not count against you.

Test 4
Emer­gency Swerve

The fourth and final test is sim­i­lar to test 3, but instead of stop­ping as soon as you can, you have to avoid the red line by swerv­ing around it. The instruc­tor will let you know in which direc­tion to swerve before tak­ing off from the start­ing posi­tion. The object of this test is to see if you can avoid an obsta­cle at a set speed while stay­ing within the bound­ary red lines on either side of the horizontal.


It is impor­tant to remem­ber that just because you have the endorse­ment on your license; it does NOT mean that you are ready to ride any­where at any time. You still must think about the skills you learned, under­stand your lim­its, and exer­cise per­sonal responsibility.